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Young Living Stress Away Roller Giveaway

Free Daily Entry! Come Back Daily to Enter To Win! Love This Roller! CLICK ->March 2017 Giveaway! Want to learn more about Stress Away? We talked about it when we did the Premium Starter Kit Education! You can click here to learn about this amazing roller! There are only two¬†differences between the 15ml bottle and… Continue reading Young Living Stress Away Roller Giveaway

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Young Living Stress Away Essential Oil

Oh my goodness I just love Young Living Stress Away Essential Oil! Have ¬†you ever smelled heaven in a bottle? No? Then you have not ever opened a bottle of Young Living Stress Away. One of my favorite things to do is to put it on my wrists at night (I fall asleep with my… Continue reading Young Living Stress Away Essential Oil

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55 Uses for PSK

This is a great sheet! I didn't make it and I am giving credit to "The Oil Posse". It was placed in a group I belong to and we were told we could add our information and use it. There is some thing I have not addressed that you will see on this sheet. Like… Continue reading 55 Uses for PSK

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Out of Sync

I love my family. The children being home from school and hearing their laughter and of course fighting. My love being home from work and our days being thrown out of whack. I really do love them all being home and having the time with them but my days just get all out of sync… Continue reading Out of Sync

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NingXia Red Facts and Tips

NingXia Red is an amazing drink. You don't need a lot of it and what little bit you do drink you get so much goodness! If you were are able to afford all these foods daily then by all means go get them. Then the next trick though is to be able to eat all… Continue reading NingXia Red Facts and Tips

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EveryDay Oils Collection Update

Sometimes prices change or collections change. Thankfully the Everyday Oils Collection hasn't changed what is in it but the prices have changed. So I wanted to do a quick update. Remember the Everyday Oils Collection is not for use just when you feel your body needs a boost in health. You really want to use… Continue reading EveryDay Oils Collection Update

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Everyday Oil ~ Cost Per Drop

Are you using your Everyday Oils daily? They are made to be used on a daily basis. It will help to build up your immunity and keep the occasional blues away. Don't use your Everyday Oils just for symptoms because they have a high vibration of the plant oils to help you stay at a… Continue reading Everyday Oil ~ Cost Per Drop