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Young Living PanAway Essential Oil

Young Living PanAway Essential Oil is a favorite of mine! I use it before working out. I use it after working out. When I sleep wrong and have a tense muscle I put some on so that it can help to relax the muscle. PanAway only comes one way. It is for topical application only.… Continue reading Young Living PanAway Essential Oil

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Simple Way To Get Steps In

One change I have been making is to get my steps in. It isn't always great weather. We no longer have a gym membership, so this is what I have been doing. One of the best things is when I am doing it earlier enough a lot of the times the two youngest kiddos… Continue reading Simple Way To Get Steps In

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55 Uses for PSK

This is a great sheet! I didn't make it and I am giving credit to "The Oil Posse". It was placed in a group I belong to and we were told we could add our information and use it. There is some thing I have not addressed that you will see on this sheet. Like… Continue reading 55 Uses for PSK

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Relaxation Bath

That is what I am going to be doing tonight! I am going to be climbing into a nice hot bathtub and putting this DIY mixture in and I am going to soak and relax. I am not a very organized person. I try to be organized but most times about 3 days or so… Continue reading Relaxation Bath

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Head Discomfort

We all have those days when we have this discomfort in our head and face region. For me I would love to just close my eyes and it magically go away but it never seems to work like that. There are some solutions with Young Living that can help with your head discomfort. I have… Continue reading Head Discomfort

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EveryDay Oils Collection Update

Sometimes prices change or collections change. Thankfully the Everyday Oils Collection hasn't changed what is in it but the prices have changed. So I wanted to do a quick update. Remember the Everyday Oils Collection is not for use just when you feel your body needs a boost in health. You really want to use… Continue reading EveryDay Oils Collection Update

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Hot Essential Oils

Some people are not bothered by hot oils at all and some people are. Do you have sensitive skin? Do you look at Young Living Essential Oils and have no clue what would be hot or even what a hot oil is? Do not worry, we are here to help! The easiest way to explain… Continue reading Hot Essential Oils

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Everyday Oil ~ Cost Per Drop

Are you using your Everyday Oils daily? They are made to be used on a daily basis. It will help to build up your immunity and keep the occasional blues away. Don't use your Everyday Oils just for symptoms because they have a high vibration of the plant oils to help you stay at a… Continue reading Everyday Oil ~ Cost Per Drop