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Shot Reaction

My little man is miserable. Calling the doctor in the morning. Pretty sure I know what injection did it and I'm upset! I'm exhausted. Watching your baby in pain isn't fun. We keep on using Young Living Lavender Essential Oil, Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil and Young Living Melrose Essential Oil. Trying to pull the… Continue reading Shot Reaction

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Face Update 2

Here is the most recent update on the Orange Blossom face wash by Young Living! Last night I added in my old oil routine after cleaning it. Which is grapeseed oil mixed with a drop of YL Lavender EO, YL Frankincense EO, YL Melrose EO. We will see what that does for me added in… Continue reading Face Update 2

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$20 Or Less YLEO’s

So often people are concerned with the price that go along with Young Living essential oils. Personally I have stopped putting a price on our families health but not everyone is there yet! I completely understand because I wasn't there at one point as well. So here is a great little list that shows YLEO's… Continue reading $20 Or Less YLEO’s

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Colder Weather is Upon Us

We are coming up to the colder weather season. It doesn't matter if you are in a state that has snow or a state that doesn't. When the weather change happens, the body can struggle to keep healthy! With this amazing company, Young Living sometimes products can go out of stock (demand, plant quality, time… Continue reading Colder Weather is Upon Us