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In Tears 90% Of Today

No sleep last night. He is miserable today. Have made up a roller bottle for him with some lavender, melrose and peppermint mixed with coconut oil. He isn't eating much. He hates his pain meds. He threw up his antibiotics.  Took a two hour nap and woke up with headache.  Exhausted and thankful he kept… Continue reading In Tears 90% Of Today

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I Am Worn; i am weary

Old habits die hard. I made some really serious health changes last year and then again in March. It is August and all of a sudden the last week for me has been filled with old habits. Not just old habits but old bad habits. We are human and if you believe in God or… Continue reading I Am Worn; i am weary

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When Tired Becomes Lazy

That is what I have been dealing with since about 1 AM Friday morning. Children with missing a few doses of Juice Plus were hit hard with the weather change. Stuff/runny noses, elevated body temps, sore throats from nasal drainage, and now we have managed to add head discomfort, body discomfort and non-stop crying and… Continue reading When Tired Becomes Lazy

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Shot Reaction

My little man is miserable. Calling the doctor in the morning. Pretty sure I know what injection did it and I'm upset! I'm exhausted. Watching your baby in pain isn't fun. We keep on using Young Living Lavender Essential Oil, Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil and Young Living Melrose Essential Oil. Trying to pull the… Continue reading Shot Reaction

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Boost Your Energy

We have all been really under the weather. I started last week and by Monday I was giving Bella some Young Living NingXia Red. The best thing happened! She came home on Wednesday and said to me, "I slept great and didn't even yawn once today mama!" I was jumping up and down for joy!… Continue reading Boost Your Energy