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Small Update With Photos

I am tired. Jack David had his surgery. The past week has been a blur. Yesterday evening I noticed something was off with him. He took a nap, woke up and we had some serious issues. Behind his left ear he either had an infection, cellulitis or a blood clot. So we took off to… Continue reading Small Update With Photos

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Hot Mess Week

"Hi, I'm Amy and I have been a hot mess this week. You see when school got out, most of my time and energy went into preparing for Adam's graduation open house. It wasn't at my house and so prepping meant letting my already messy, crazy, dirty, gross house get even more messy, crazy, dirty… Continue reading Hot Mess Week

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In Tears 90% Of Today

No sleep last night. He is miserable today. Have made up a roller bottle for him with some lavender, melrose and peppermint mixed with coconut oil. He isn't eating much. He hates his pain meds. He threw up his antibiotics.  Took a two hour nap and woke up with headache.  Exhausted and thankful he kept… Continue reading In Tears 90% Of Today

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Graduation Party Success to Outpatient Surgery Turning Inpatient

Well we survived our first graduation party. He graduated a month ago and we just had his party on Saturday. It was a ton of work to get ready. There was family and friends who came to celebrate. For me, I was so happy to see each and every person who showed up. So many… Continue reading Graduation Party Success to Outpatient Surgery Turning Inpatient

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April The Giraffe

So almost a week ago I saw all the hype about April the giraffe who was in labor and about to give birth. I thought people were nuts for sitting there watching this. Then on Friday the 24th of February I opened it up to see this mama while I was sitting at lunch with… Continue reading April The Giraffe

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It’s Been a Long Week

I really had no idea what my surgery was going to entail. I had no idea what this week was going to hold. I had a lot of anxiety this week. Even after the surgery was over. I wasn't even anxious about the surgery, so it was odd for me to go full blown attacks… Continue reading It’s Been a Long Week

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Left Kidney Stones Removal Day

Had surgery today. I didn't know what to expect. It wasn't a normal lithotripsy and that I know what to expect. This I though was going to be easier. It isn't easier but it is different.  Managing pain currently with peppermint and deep relief. Although I wasn't earlier and was dying from pain. Was just… Continue reading Left Kidney Stones Removal Day

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Ricker Family Update

If you pray or send good vibes or whatever it is you do, this family could use an extra boost. I spoke about the local family whose son, Brison was diagnosed with brain cancer last January here.¬†They were at the time in the process of finding out if their other son, Preston had cancer as… Continue reading Ricker Family Update

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Life Does Happen

Monday was rough and I will get to that. Tuesday turned in to craziness around 5:50 PM. My mother in law fell and did some serious damage. I got home from the hospital around 1:30 AM and didn't sleep well. Looked at my phone ever 20 minutes making sure I didn't miss a call from… Continue reading Life Does Happen