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How Healthy Is Your Heart?

It is hard to believe we are already in June! We have hit the halfway point in 2019.¬† The month of June we are going to be focusing on heart health! So often we focus on our body. We look in the mirror and see how we look and we forget about all of the… Continue reading How Healthy Is Your Heart?

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Play Like A Kid

Sometimes you just have to get down on the kiddos level and play with not. Not watch them. Not make them play something you want to do. Get down on their level and play with them! Last year at this time we were a couple days away from heading down to Florida to go to… Continue reading Play Like A Kid

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Juice Plus – 3 Months

Right before I started Juice Plus I had my annual physical. Most people know that along with that comes blood work. I wasn't really looking forward to it because I was pretty certain some things were going to be high and some things low. You see since I was pregnant with my baby girl, Bella,… Continue reading Juice Plus – 3 Months

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Happy 5th Birthday Jack David

When your youngest baby hits a milestone it is bittersweet. Each birthday is bittersweet. My baby, my last little man, my sunshine on a rainy day, my cuddler, my helper, my ¬†last little one. Today as I looked at him and wanted to cry, I decided I needed to pick Joy instead of mourning. Amazing… Continue reading Happy 5th Birthday Jack David

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Next Step Taken

Really I am so excited for our family! We have added the next step to getting healthy to our list. Today we have added Juice Plus+ to our lives! We are taking place in an ongoing Children's Health Study! I am so excited to see what the fruits and veggies will do for our family!… Continue reading Next Step Taken

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Winter, Winter, Winter

I will be the first to admit this has been a pretty amazing winter. Yes we have snow but compared to the last couple of years, we have had very little snow. I can look out the slider and see our rock wall still. Even with all the snow we have had, it warms up… Continue reading Winter, Winter, Winter

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January 2016 Giveaway

Let us spOIL your family by running a giveaway! We will be spOILing your family one drop at a time with a 5ml Lemon essential oil! Be sure to come back and register daily! Click --> January Giveaway It hasn't been a bad winter here in Michigan. As a matter of fact until this past… Continue reading January 2016 Giveaway

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We Have A Winner ~ October 2015

We are so excited to have run our first of many giveaways and to have it be successful. Of course you are probably wondering what successful means to us and it is very simple: We have a winner! While that might not seem like a huge deal to most, it is very exciting to us!… Continue reading We Have A Winner ~ October 2015

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Stress Away Before 8 AM

Today was a typical Monday (okay, any day of the week) morning for us here. Children not wanting to get up. Children not wanting to go to school. Children tears, tantrums, meltdowns, being stubborn, arguing, refusing to do things, missing the bus and all before 8 AM! I have often thought that Homeschooling would be… Continue reading Stress Away Before 8 AM

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Homemade Carpet Freshener

I am probably not alone in this but I love a freshly vacuumed room. Not only do I love a freshly vacuumed room, I love it when I put a carpet freshener down and then it smells fabulous. A couple of things I do not like though about carpet fresheners you buy from a store:… Continue reading Homemade Carpet Freshener