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When Fruits and Veggies Are Not What You Think

I rang across this article that talks about how different food is today than it was in the past. To be honest, I already knew this and it was probably because I was really privileged and at a lot fresh foods from gardens growing up. But, the truth is there is way more to it… Continue reading When Fruits and Veggies Are Not What You Think

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How Does Nutrition Affect Your Movement?

This May we are talking about Movement. Do you know how nutrition affects your movement? If you are not getting the proper nutrition, if you are only eating sugars and processed foods, no mater how much you move and how active you are, there is no way to be healthy.  Today we are talking about… Continue reading How Does Nutrition Affect Your Movement?

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Homemade Apple Juice

So my children really love apple juice. I really don't like how much sugar is in it. So I promised them we would attempt to make homemade apple juice. Of course that promise was all they thought about for each and ever minute from the time I promised on Sunday evening at 8 PM until… Continue reading Homemade Apple Juice

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Time to Get Back to Healthy

So in recent times I have really gotten bad with letting the healthy eating habits of this house go down the drain. I will admit it is 97% my fault. I do the grocery shopping and I used to just say no when they wanted junk. My husband would always bring junky treats home from… Continue reading Time to Get Back to Healthy