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Spring Break

So excited to get a week off with these kiddos. We are looking forward to walks, parks, family time, reading, and whatever else we can fit in. Of course I have since heard it is supposed to be awful weather but that isn't going to stop these crazy goofballs! I know that spring break comes… Continue reading Spring Break

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Forgive; Yourself

A really big theme has been coming up over and over again lately: FORGIVE YOURSELF AMY! When you have a past; and who doesn't have one of those, you have to learn how to forgive yourself for mistakes you have made. If you have stopped making those mistakes and have moved on, if you have… Continue reading Forgive; Yourself

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Very Grateful

Our household has been dealing with the same issues every other household has been dealing with. We are all under the weather. We all need to boost our immunity more than we normally do. We all need essential oils to help support and open the airways more. We all need raw honey to help coat… Continue reading Very Grateful

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Do you live with gratitude in your every day life? I know there are times when I forget to stop and be grateful. It isn't something I like about myself but it is something that does happen. We need to be thankful for the big and little things. We need to show our gratitude for… Continue reading Gratitude