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In Tears 90% Of Today

No sleep last night. He is miserable today. Have made up a roller bottle for him with some lavender, melrose and peppermint mixed with coconut oil. He isn't eating much. He hates his pain meds. He threw up his antibiotics.  Took a two hour nap and woke up with headache.  Exhausted and thankful he kept… Continue reading In Tears 90% Of Today

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What Can Fruits Do For You?

Since my family started Juice Plus so much has improved. We started in March of this year. Here are just a couple things about myself that have improved: My resting heart rate has gone down from 82 to 67. My 7-Day steps average has gone up from 2,385 to 6,589! Here are some other things… Continue reading What Can Fruits Do For You?

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Spring Break

So excited to get a week off with these kiddos. We are looking forward to walks, parks, family time, reading, and whatever else we can fit in. Of course I have since heard it is supposed to be awful weather but that isn't going to stop these crazy goofballs! I know that spring break comes… Continue reading Spring Break

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Last Week

This past week it was one thing after another with being under the weather. It started on Sunday the 10th and each time I thought we had moved on, another person or the same person was hit by something totally new. By last night I was ready to pull my hair out. Thankfully I didn't, I… Continue reading Last Week

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Noisy Sleeper?

In our home it seems that we all have nasally issues when it comes to sleeping. It isn't an all the time thing. We all seem to take our turns. For my husband and I it seems when I am beyond exhausted I have these issues. When my husband is under the weather or just attempting… Continue reading Noisy Sleeper?

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Jaw Discomfort

Well I have an almost 4 year old little man who is all boy! We were horsing around the other day and our heads had a collision. To be more exact, his head collided with my jaw bone, on the right side of my head, just below the ear. It was almost bedtime and it… Continue reading Jaw Discomfort