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Oh Look At Me!!!

It has been a month since I have done a face update so I figured it was time. Hard to explain how happy I am with my face! My skin is truly clearing up more and more. I know it is not really easy to see in photos but my skin is getting so much… Continue reading Oh Look At Me!!!

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Laundry Soap

Do you know what is in your laundry soap? The new soap is what we have been using since it came out with Young Living (last November maybe). The old soap isn't even really our old soap because we don't have any here anymore. It was one that was given to us for all the… Continue reading Laundry Soap

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Three Aromatherapy Schools

Did you know that there are 3 Aromatherapy Schools that have ruled the way essential oils have been used and are still used (to some extent)? Did you know that modern aromatherapy started in the 1920s! Can you believe that? modern aromatherapy has been going on for almost 100 years. That to me is just… Continue reading Three Aromatherapy Schools

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Skin Warmer

Yesterday was a snow day here in our school district. It was cold, snowing, windy, icy and a welcomed day off. We have a hill in our backyard and the kids love to use it to sled. When we first moved in there were pine trees lining the property and sledding wasn't an option. So… Continue reading Skin Warmer

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Citrus Oil Infused Chicken

We had an amazing dinner tonight! How can you not be excited about delicious and nutritious food?! It was so easy to do. Now tonight I made two whole chickens because on Thursdays I have two extra little ones here. They are not so little anymore but still, instead of feeding a family of 6… Continue reading Citrus Oil Infused Chicken

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We’re So Excited!

We are just so excited that the first of MANY giveaways is just about here! Tomorrow is the day you can start to register for our very first giveaway! Here is some information about the two essential oils we are giving away to one person! Lemon (Citrus limon) essential oil includes the naturally occurring constituent… Continue reading We’re So Excited!

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Purification Bath

We are heading into the cool and cold weather. There are many things that can dry your skin out in all weather; like water evaporation, but cold weather can make it happen faster! If you are not sure what can cause dry skin here are some tips to help you: Water and hydration are really… Continue reading Purification Bath