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Brison Ricker Update

Here is the full update on Brison.Big Improvements! They started Brison on a heavy dose of steroids last night and the fog is starting to lift, praise Jesus! Yesterday at one point he didn't even know his name, so it was very scary! His thoughts are much clearer now but not back to 100% yet,… Continue reading Brison Ricker Update

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Ricker Strong Fundraiser Until August 8, 2017

I should have posted this sooner but now is as good of a time. There are still a few days that you can join in and purchase some Norwex to help the Ricker Family! If you are interested in joining and purchasing some Norwex all you need to do is go here! If you are… Continue reading Ricker Strong Fundraiser Until August 8, 2017

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Ricker Update – July 18th

Here is an update from Kim about Brison:  Update on Brison 7/18/17  Yesterday morning I received an email from the oncologist at Devos that Brison's MRI was not good news and showed progression. There is more visible small spots and the larger tumors in his brain and spine have grown by 1-1.5mm. There was no… Continue reading Ricker Update – July 18th

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Ricker Family Update – June 28th

Here is the latest update about Brison and what their family is dealing with: 6/28/17 Update on Brison - After having to pay $1500 out of pocket for the doctor to review Brison's case, MSK hospital in New York said all they had to offer was re radiation of his entire brain and spine, which… Continue reading Ricker Family Update – June 28th

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June 16th RickerStrong Update

This family needs donations and support (share their story) and love and prayers. Here is the latest update from Kim: Update 6/16/2017 on Brison. It has been a very emotional and stressful week. Brison was denied for treatment in Mexico, they said their treatment would not help him since he has leptomeningeal disease. For those… Continue reading June 16th RickerStrong Update

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Ricker Family Update June 4th

Each moment is a gift from God. Each child is a gift from God. We are entrusted with such a huge responsibility to care for, love, raise and each of them as He calls us to do. This family has a GoFundMe Page that I encourage you to check it out if you have time.… Continue reading Ricker Family Update June 4th

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Team RickerStrong Update May 12th

I try and update when Kim updates on their gofundme account!  This is a local family. Many who I grew up with know this family and are currently friends. I went to school with the boys dad. I do not know them on a personal level but I pray for them. They have been in… Continue reading Team RickerStrong Update May 12th

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Team #RickerStrong Update

Kim put an update on their gofundme page yesterday. 5/2/2017 Update  Preston had a follow up appt. yesterday and some blood work done. They called this morning and the news was not what we were hoping for, his number that is suppose to be 1 was up to 13. This is an indicator that there… Continue reading Team #RickerStrong Update

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Update on #RickerStrong

There have been a couple of updates but this is part of the latest one! There are no words that can express how wonderful this update is. 4/17/2017 Update Brison's MRI "Partial Results" were received on Saturday! All Glory to God for the amazing news we received! Below is an email between Brison's oncologist and… Continue reading Update on #RickerStrong

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Team Ricker Update

A lot has been going on for this family. Down to Texas and then a trip to Florida! I have been watching the updates, the photos, the smiles, the memories! It has been a pretty amazing thing to see.  Yesterday there was an update on their gofundme page. Part of the update is below! Be… Continue reading Team Ricker Update