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Exclusive Rewards ~ January 2016

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Be Still….

The last 24 hours have been so rough around this house. All I keep on hearing is: And so at this moment in time that is exactly what we are going to do as a family. We are going to Be Still and know that He is God. He has us. He loves us. He… Continue reading Be Still….

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Very Grateful

Our household has been dealing with the same issues every other household has been dealing with. We are all under the weather. We all need to boost our immunity more than we normally do. We all need essential oils to help support and open the airways more. We all need raw honey to help coat… Continue reading Very Grateful

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Grow or Balance Your Faith

Young Living has this new set of oils. You can get it in a collection or as individuals. I guess it isn't really new but it is still sort of new. It is the Infused 7. Today we are looking at the Young Living Faith - Inspired by Oola Essential Oil! You can use them… Continue reading Grow or Balance Your Faith

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$20 Or Less YLEO’s

So often people are concerned with the price that go along with Young Living essential oils. Personally I have stopped putting a price on our families health but not everyone is there yet! I completely understand because I wasn't there at one point as well. So here is a great little list that shows YLEO's… Continue reading $20 Or Less YLEO’s

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Do you live with gratitude in your every day life? I know there are times when I forget to stop and be grateful. It isn't something I like about myself but it is something that does happen. We need to be thankful for the big and little things. We need to show our gratitude for… Continue reading Gratitude

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Looking at Cost Per Drop!

So often when you look at Young Living essential oils you are a bit shell shocked by the cost of the oils. I know when our family first started I really had a hard time justifying the costs for some of the essential oils. Then I started to look at it a little different. I… Continue reading Looking at Cost Per Drop!

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November 2015 Winner

We have a winner for our latest giveaway! If you are curious as to who won, please click the link below! Click --> November 2015 Giveaway Winner We are already gearing up for December's giveaway! Last month of the year and of course biggest giveaway of the year! Really excited! If you are ready to… Continue reading November 2015 Winner

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Last Day

This is the last day to get registered for the November 2015 Giveaway! There are many ways to register but as always you will always get ONE FREE ENTRY! I hope you take the time to get yourself registered for this giveaway. Great essential oils being given away and if you love to bake, they… Continue reading Last Day

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Puzzled about DIY Blends?

There are so many options and things people put online about DIY essential oil things. There are lip balms, body scrubs, lotions, facial wash and the list goes on and on. You can pull up Pinterest and find 1000's of recipes! It can be a bit overwhelming when you just want something that works. So… Continue reading Puzzled about DIY Blends?