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Debunking Myths, Healthy Recipes and Each Cell Has a Sex. WHAT!

What if all we have been told and believed isn't true? Debunking Myths, Healthy Recipes and Each Cell Has a Sex. WHAT! What are some things you believe about heart health? Do you think the biggest sign of a heart attack is chest pain? Do you think an aspirin a day will keep the doctor… Continue reading Debunking Myths, Healthy Recipes and Each Cell Has a Sex. WHAT!

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Three Ingredient Strawberry Jam

Well all over Facebook you can find people posting videos with recipes. One that I had saved but kept on popping up all over was the three ingredient strawberry jam. It looked amazing as an end product. It looked pretty easy to make. It didn’t look like it would take a long time; well that… Continue reading Three Ingredient Strawberry Jam

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Outside Annoyances Come With Spring

Today is the first day of spring break for my children. I was really hoping we would be able to get outside and get the yard all cleaned up from the fall and winter. We did get out there for a little bit today but by the time we really got anything going the sprinkles… Continue reading Outside Annoyances Come With Spring

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Young Living Lavender Essential Oil

One of the essential oils you get in your Premium Starter Kit is Lavender. Lavender is truly an amazing essential oil. A good way to think of it is the swiss army knives of essential oils! Young Living has two lavenders that are out: Vitality Line is in the white label and is dietary. The purple… Continue reading Young Living Lavender Essential Oil

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Relief Bomb & Extra Relief Bomb

Life can throw you curve balls and those can lead to bodily discomforts. I don't know anyone who enjoys an ache here or there. I don't know anyone who sits back and is thankful for discomfort in the knees, back or shoulders; although we are supposed to give thank for everything. I like the alternative… Continue reading Relief Bomb & Extra Relief Bomb

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December’s YLEO Promo

Why not bring in the holiday season with the best PV promo ever! Give yourself or others in your life the Everyday Oils collection. Not sure what you are going to do for gifts for friends or family, why not make them some lavender body scrub or bath salts! So many possibilities at the right… Continue reading December’s YLEO Promo

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Cooking With Young Living

So I talk a lot about cooking with Young Living essential oils (and I never recommend cooking with other oils because you know that Young Living it is pure therapeutic grade because of their Seed to Seal guarantee) but I have never really broken down anything. You can follow my recipes that I put on… Continue reading Cooking With Young Living