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How Does Nutrition Affect Your Movement?

This May we are talking about Movement. Do you know how nutrition affects your movement? If you are not getting the proper nutrition, if you are only eating sugars and processed foods, no mater how much you move and how active you are, there is no way to be healthy.  Today we are talking about… Continue reading How Does Nutrition Affect Your Movement?

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Be the Best You

As a parent you want to be the best parent you can be. It has been a hard thing for me for a long time now. I talked about this in the post misery to victory. I am not proud of those moments. I am embarrassed by these moments. Below it talks about how I… Continue reading Be the Best You

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Bring Me Back

So tonight I started to reflect on my past. I started to think about my Grandparents farm. I spent a lot of time growing up on that farm. It wasn't a big home; 3 bedrooms and one was more like a closet than a room, family room, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and cellar/basement. It wasn't… Continue reading Bring Me Back