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It’s Been a Long Week

I really had no idea what my surgery was going to entail. I had no idea what this week was going to hold. I had a lot of anxiety this week. Even after the surgery was over. I wasn't even anxious about the surgery, so it was odd for me to go full blown attacks… Continue reading It’s Been a Long Week

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Cancer Takes My Words

My day started out okay today. I was planning on meeting a friend for breakfast and that happened. Except she sent me a text at 8:30 AM and I responded with, "Getting in car and leaving". So I quick ran into my room and grabbed my capsules so I could take them at Anna's House.… Continue reading Cancer Takes My Words

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Just Prayed

So as days go, this has been a long one. When you have friends in your life for a long time, they become family. When their family hurts, you hurt. When they need comfort, if you can't be with them, you pray. When their children are hurting and they can't be there, you run over… Continue reading Just Prayed

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Pray For Orlando

Pray For OUR Country So many things are going on these days. So much is worrisome and yet I need to put my trust in the Lord. This is not a full list. This does not include anyone who was injured and it does not include anyone whose family has not been notified yet. Lord… Continue reading Pray For Orlando

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How to Make Marriage Last

I am not a counselor. I am not a therapist. I don't have a degree in anything to do with marriage. However I have gone through a divorce and I am currently watching two people I love and adore go through divorce. There is a lot that people could do. There is a lot that… Continue reading How to Make Marriage Last

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Sorry It’s Short

At about 5 last night my body was becoming worn down. Between the lack of sleep and all of the under the weather kiddos I have been around, my body finally gave in. Woke up many times and oiled to get that immunity boosting a good shot. Still woke up this morning without a voice… Continue reading Sorry It’s Short