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Vulnerable vs. Transparent

I have joined a book study for the summer. We are reading Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen and tonight we read chapter 6, No Longer Lonely. She talked about a lot but one thing she did was define the difference between being vulnerable and transparent.  I never really thought there was much difference but after… Continue reading Vulnerable vs. Transparent

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Spring Cleaning

Even though we are in the midst of a snow storm right now I am really excited for spring to get here! We have been having a lot of teasers over the last week or so. The family has been outside in the sun. We have been walking. We have been opening windows. Sitting outside… Continue reading Spring Cleaning

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Looking at Cost Per Drop!

So often when you look at Young Living essential oils you are a bit shell shocked by the cost of the oils. I know when our family first started I really had a hard time justifying the costs for some of the essential oils. Then I started to look at it a little different. I… Continue reading Looking at Cost Per Drop!

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Eliminate Paint Fumes

I will never be accused of being a neat painter. When I paint there are times I wonder how in the world I got paint here, there and wow how did it get there! Lets be honest it isn't at times it is all the time. We recently redid our daughters room. We painted her… Continue reading Eliminate Paint Fumes

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DIY Peace & Calming

So as we have talked about before Young Living will not use plants or fruits that are lacking in the quality. They have a standard and they are not willing to bend or compromise those standards. This is a huge reason I love this company. I do not have to worry that I am going… Continue reading DIY Peace & Calming