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When Fruits and Veggies Are Not What You Think

I rang across this article that talks about how different food is today than it was in the past. To be honest, I already knew this and it was probably because I was really privileged and at a lot fresh foods from gardens growing up. But, the truth is there is way more to it… Continue reading When Fruits and Veggies Are Not What You Think

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Why I Have An At Home Business

I Do Not Belong To a Pyramid Scheme A couple years ago I wrote a blog post about the difference between a legitimate network marketing business and a pyramid scheme! This week, one of my awesome team members and friend wrote this amazing post about the same thing. The best part for you is that… Continue reading Why I Have An At Home Business

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Happy One Year Anniversary

We made our choice over a year ago to add the daily fruit, veggies and berries. Today however marks the year mark of when we actually started to take it. One year ago we woke up, took the capsules and chews for the first time and haven't looked back. This daily activity has changed our… Continue reading Happy One Year Anniversary

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Play Like A Kid

Sometimes you just have to get down on the kiddos level and play with not. Not watch them. Not make them play something you want to do. Get down on their level and play with them! Last year at this time we were a couple days away from heading down to Florida to go to… Continue reading Play Like A Kid

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Resting Heartrate

Really excited to share an update with you! I am just about at the 3 month mark on Juice Plus and my resting BMP is dropping! So back in 2015 in June/July I was exercising but not eating the greatest. In November I was eating better (had surgery at end of July) but not exercising.… Continue reading Resting Heartrate

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Oh Look At Me!!!

It has been a month since I have done a face update so I figured it was time. Hard to explain how happy I am with my face! My skin is truly clearing up more and more. I know it is not really easy to see in photos but my skin is getting so much… Continue reading Oh Look At Me!!!

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Spring Break

So excited to get a week off with these kiddos. We are looking forward to walks, parks, family time, reading, and whatever else we can fit in. Of course I have since heard it is supposed to be awful weather but that isn't going to stop these crazy goofballs! I know that spring break comes… Continue reading Spring Break

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Face Update!

I am having to overcome something I haven't had to do in over 8 years now. Prior to Young Living Orange Blossom and Juice Plus+ my face would be so dry. I would spend hours in front of a mirror picking the dead skin off my face. It was the only way I could keep… Continue reading Face Update!

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Next Step Taken

Really I am so excited for our family! We have added the next step to getting healthy to our list. Today we have added Juice Plus+ to our lives! We are taking place in an ongoing Children's Health Study! I am so excited to see what the fruits and veggies will do for our family!… Continue reading Next Step Taken

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Digestive Support

We all need our pipes to work correctly. If they don't we are unable to absorb the nutrition from our food! One of the things you can use to help support your digestive system is using Young Living DiGize Essential Oil and Peppermint. When I first opened a bottle of DiGize I was very overwhelmed… Continue reading Digestive Support