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Are You a Student of Your Spouse?

Long ago I thought that if you got along with the person you are dating it would just all work out. For a time I even thought even if you didn't really get along, if you wanted it to work out, it would. In both cases I wasn't correct. No matter how well you do… Continue reading Are You a Student of Your Spouse?

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You Say You Would Die For Your Spouse

I have done a lot of thinking today. I was on my way in the car and I heard over the radio someone talking about how if you are willing to die for your spouse, you should be willing to let something in your marriage die. Just think about that for a moment.  Have you… Continue reading You Say You Would Die For Your Spouse

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Marriage Is…

Marriage is not what most young couples think it is. Marriage is work. You cannot just get married and think you are going to live happily ever after. You have to communicate. You have to trust. You have to love. You have to respect. You have to keep trying even when you want to give… Continue reading Marriage Is…