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1 Week To Go

There is only a week left on the March Giveaway! This really has been a crazy month. I am first of all in awe that it is MARCH! Where did January and February go? I have been loving the steps we have been taking as a family in regards to our health. We have been… Continue reading 1 Week To Go

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March 2016 Giveaway

Let us spOIL your family with another giveaway! There is no reason not to have fruit and veggies when on the go! You can have a non toxic way to wash any produce¬†you want to eat on the go now! Young Living Thieves Fruit & Veggie Spray is perfect for on the go! A few… Continue reading March 2016 Giveaway

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$20 Or Less YLEO’s

So often people are concerned with the price that go along with Young Living essential oils. Personally I have stopped putting a price on our families health but not everyone is there yet! I completely understand because I wasn't there at one point as well. So here is a great little list that shows YLEO's… Continue reading $20 Or Less YLEO’s

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Citrus Oil Infused Chicken

We had an amazing dinner tonight! How can you not be excited about delicious and nutritious food?! It was so easy to do. Now tonight I made two whole chickens because on Thursdays I have two extra little ones here. They are not so little anymore but still, instead of feeding a family of 6… Continue reading Citrus Oil Infused Chicken

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Day Trip

So my oldest son, who is in school, is in Marching Band. This is his third year and today marks the end of his Junior year in Marching Band. That also means a trip to Detroit for State Finals! When I go on a day trip I like to think about what I am going… Continue reading Day Trip

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October 2015 Winner Oil Arrived

After the winner was selected (with I sent out the email. We had a verify a few things like: Age, Address, and the basics! We mailed out her Young Living Lemon Essential ¬†Oil and her Young Living Lime Essential Oil. I sent her an email yesterday to check to see if they have arrived… Continue reading October 2015 Winner Oil Arrived

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We Have A Winner ~ October 2015

We are so excited to have run our first of many giveaways and to have it be successful. Of course you are probably wondering what successful means to us and it is very simple: We have a winner! While that might not seem like a huge deal to most, it is very exciting to us!… Continue reading We Have A Winner ~ October 2015

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Stress Away Before 8 AM

Today was a typical Monday (okay, any day of the week) morning for us here. Children not wanting to get up. Children not wanting to go to school. Children tears, tantrums, meltdowns, being stubborn, arguing, refusing to do things, missing the bus and all before 8 AM! I have often thought that Homeschooling would be… Continue reading Stress Away Before 8 AM

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Homemade Carpet Freshener

I am probably not alone in this but I love a freshly vacuumed room. Not only do I love a freshly vacuumed room, I love it when I put a carpet freshener down and then it smells fabulous. A couple of things I do not like though about carpet fresheners you buy from a store:… Continue reading Homemade Carpet Freshener

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Giveaway Preview

We are really enjoying giving away free products! Who knew it could be so much fun?! Here are a preview for the next couple of months and what products you could have the potential to win!     Do not forget, we have a giveaway going on right now! Make sure to register! Retail value… Continue reading Giveaway Preview