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I’m Miserable and I’m Whining

I have a confession to make. I have been misearable for almost a month now. I had my surgery on January 30th and a second one to hep fix the pain on February 6th. Stents were put in both ureters and I have been miserable since that time. I am not a person who likes… Continue reading I’m Miserable and I’m Whining

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Left Kidney Stones Removal Day

Had surgery today. I didn't know what to expect. It wasn't a normal lithotripsy and that I know what to expect. This I though was going to be easier. It isn't easier but it is different.  Managing pain currently with peppermint and deep relief. Although I wasn't earlier and was dying from pain. Was just… Continue reading Left Kidney Stones Removal Day

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Blessed and Cancer Free

Today was the day I went back to my urologist. I knew we would talk about my CT Scan results. I knew I had the cystoscope that was going to be done. I wasn't really sure what all of this was going to bring. It has been a rough week. I actually woke up today… Continue reading Blessed and Cancer Free

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Winter Still Comes

I live in Michigan. I have some health obstacles that makes winter weather painful. I used to love being outside year round. I live in a state that has amazing photo opportunities year round. I can drive to Lake Michigan four seasons and have different photo opportunities each season I arrive. A thirty to forty-five… Continue reading Winter Still Comes

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We are doing more testing before making any real decisions. Dr. Urologist has ordered a CT Scan with and without contrast and also a cystoscopy. Need to make a grade for the complex cyst inside the kidney before making a decision about what to do. Then if grade 3 or 4 they will do a… Continue reading Unexpected¬†

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Unexpected News

I have been quiet. I haven't really known what to say. I woke up on Sunday, went the bathroom and got the shock of my life. After still bleeding when going the bathroom 24 hours later I decided I had best call the Dr and see if I could be seen. Went in and did… Continue reading Unexpected News