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Celebrate Recovery 12 Steps & Their Biblical Comparisons

I am a Christian and tonight I had the honor of going to a benefit for Celebrate Recovery (also know as Community Recovery). It is something our church started 18 years ago. It continues to grow, help those dealing with addictions and any issue get free from those bonds.  This is a 12 step program… Continue reading Celebrate Recovery 12 Steps & Their Biblical Comparisons

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Simple Way To Get Steps In

One change I have been making is to get my steps in. It isn't always great weather. We no longer have a gym membership, so this is what I have been doing. One of the best things is when I am doing it earlier enough a lot of the times the two youngest kiddos… Continue reading Simple Way To Get Steps In

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Enjoy Life

You don't have to be perfect to enjoy life. You don't have to be the one with all of the answers. For me life has not been enjoyable. I deal with a lot of pain and discomfort with my face. As you can see below in the images, my face is getting better! I am… Continue reading Enjoy Life

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Brain Support Roll-On

There are some of us out there who have issues with our brain not getting the support it needs. Not breathing properly causes yawns, tiredness, foggy brain, lack of memory, being able to act accordingly and many other issues. Not eating properly and getting the proper vitamins and minerals from food also can cause the… Continue reading Brain Support Roll-On

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Need This Reminder

Things have been so rough this season. I know we all have seasons that are rough but man has this one been bad. We have four children. We had four children at home. We now have three children at home. We have mental health issues and we have addiction issues with one of our children.… Continue reading Need This Reminder