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Always Give Thanks!

I have been in a thinking kind of mood. I have been thinking about all of the things to give thanks for. Even when things are looking crazy and insane and you don't know what way is up. It helps to always look for the smallest thing to give joy about. Tonight when I pulled… Continue reading Always Give Thanks!

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I’m Yours; A Poem

My creativity has been still for a while. Buried deep inside. It was a fabulous blessing to have this come to me this morning while doing Bible study with Him. Be sure to register today: Click -> August 2016 Giveaway

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Sometimes There is Sadness

Sometimes things happen that make us sad. We have had a rough week in this house. It was the first week of school. A friends father passed on to be with Jesus. Grandma is getting ready for surgery (not scheduled yet) and that is scary for the family. We had a couple lost pets (all… Continue reading Sometimes There is Sadness