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Responsibility and Helping 

Some day I hope that as parents we will hear a thank you for teaching me (fill in the blank). Last week I was asked last minute to help take care of two pups. So basically dog sitting while they were gone. I said yes. While it was a last minute ask, I have been… Continue reading Responsibility and Helping 

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My Life Is Not My Own

God knows my heart. God knows my fears. God knows my joys. God knows my sadness. God knows my biggest fear. My life is not my own. I have decided to follow Jesus and to have a relationship with the Trinity. That means that my life is not my own. One problem I have is… Continue reading My Life Is Not My Own

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Time to Get Back to Healthy

So in recent times I have really gotten bad with letting the healthy eating habits of this house go down the drain. I will admit it is 97% my fault. I do the grocery shopping and I used to just say no when they wanted junk. My husband would always bring junky treats home from… Continue reading Time to Get Back to Healthy

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Dual Scalp Mist

This is a great way to help prevent things. Throw it on your child's head before they head to school or before they head to anywhere that there will be lots of little heads! My daughter also likes to pick. It is a nervous habit that she has picked up from some other person in… Continue reading Dual Scalp Mist

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Last Week

This past week it was one thing after another with being under the weather. It started on Sunday the 10th and each time I thought we had moved on, another person or the same person was hit by something totally new. By last night I was ready to pull my hair out. Thankfully I didn't, I… Continue reading Last Week

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Bubbling Over With Excitement

Today has been a very wonderful day! We got the November Giveaway Winners Young Living Essential Oils mailed out today! We got the December Young Living Essential Oils ordered today! Have you ever been able to give things away to people? We do not care if it is someone who is already a Young Living… Continue reading Bubbling Over With Excitement

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Never a Dull Moment

I do not think as a mom I am allowed to have dull moments, especially when it comes to my boys! Around midnight last night my littlest guy started the barking noise when he was breathing and when he got the tickle in the throat. By this morning it was worse. My other son had… Continue reading Never a Dull Moment

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Last Week Was Rough

While I wish I was able to say that bad things done happen, that isn't the world we live in. Life was never promised to be easy or fair. We are fallen people. It seems though that some families get more than their share of the hardships. I wish I could say that my friend… Continue reading Last Week Was Rough