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See Your Goals? Now Get Your Goals!

Anyone of us can wish we had this or were doing that. It is easy to dream and wish and want. My children have become proficient at wishing and wanting. This is something we are reallly working on with them. We are trying to each them that dreaming, wishing and wanting goes no where if… Continue reading See Your Goals? Now Get Your Goals!

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Sometimes we set goals for ourselves and we don't meet them. Have you thought about why that is? Is it that you didn't try hard enough? Is it that you just missed what you were aiming for?  I had to really think about this. I have had many goals in my life. I can truly… Continue reading Goals

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Time to bare the soul here! Since my father in law has fallen things have been a we bit crazy. I am just off at times. Missing sleep, not eating 100% correct, not getting my Bible study in each morning like I should, and short with my patience. Not only those things but my goals… Continue reading Reminders

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Goodbye 2015

This has been a very up and down year but we are coming to the end of it. It is so hard to believe that another year has passed by so quickly. It seems like we just said hello to 2015. A year ago ¬†we had a few goals as a family. We really try… Continue reading Goodbye 2015