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Relationship and Business Building

I am a stay at home mom whose children are in school full time now. I felt like I lost my purpose. My husband, Jack works in a factory that doesn't have room for growth or advancement. Neither of us really wanted me to go back to work full time. There are still opportunities to… Continue reading Relationship and Business Building

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Hot Mess Week

"Hi, I'm Amy and I have been a hot mess this week. You see when school got out, most of my time and energy went into preparing for Adam's graduation open house. It wasn't at my house and so prepping meant letting my already messy, crazy, dirty, gross house get even more messy, crazy, dirty… Continue reading Hot Mess Week

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How Much Does Your Health Matter To You?

I have been using the whole food based nutrition capsules for over a year now. I have talked about them before and how thankful I am for them. Life has changed, for the better. I still have bad days, we all do. However I am totally blessed to be about to move on with life,… Continue reading How Much Does Your Health Matter To You?

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Go Foward, Stand Still, Go Backward

The last few days have been a bit crazy. I avoided posting a couple times last week because I tend to rant. Things have gone wonky around my life, so to allow it to stay wonky here, I stepped away. This is a place for me to write what I would like, when I would… Continue reading Go Foward, Stand Still, Go Backward

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Reflecting Back, My Gut Has Always Been Correct

I have talked about before how I didn't make the wisest choices growing up. As a matter of fact, I typically went against my gut feeling and did the exact opposite of whatever I should be doing. I know that most kids at some point start making their own choices, right or wrong because you… Continue reading Reflecting Back, My Gut Has Always Been Correct

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Spring Time Essential Oil Recipes

It has been a while since I have posted any essential oils recipes. These can either be made to be put into your diffuser or you can increase by doubling or tripling (depends on bottle size) to make into roller bottles.  This is a favorite one of mine. I love lime in just about anything!… Continue reading Spring Time Essential Oil Recipes

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You Always Have The Choice To Change, Never Settle!

A little over a year ago I woke up, looked in the mirror and decided enough was enough. I no longer wanted to be the overweight, in pain, miserable person I had become. I had made the choice I was no longer going to just settle for who I had become. I didn't like how… Continue reading You Always Have The Choice To Change, Never Settle!

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Your Hurts Need Forgiveness For Freedom

So not long ago I had been thinking about, working through and studying forgiveness. I had posted a bunch of verses about forgiveness here. Then I went into what it means here. Of course then in our Bible study on Wednesday we come Your Hurts. In my Wednesday morning woman's Bible study we are reading… Continue reading Your Hurts Need Forgiveness For Freedom

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Life and Thought Changes

Last week was a busy week of training. This week is a busy week of training. One thing I have gotten out of it all though (so far) is that you need to really know your why. Not only do you need to know your why, you need to really break down certain things about… Continue reading Life and Thought Changes