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I’m Miserable and I’m Whining

I have a confession to make. I have been misearable for almost a month now. I had my surgery on January 30th and a second one to hep fix the pain on February 6th. Stents were put in both ureters and I have been miserable since that time. I am not a person who likes… Continue reading I’m Miserable and I’m Whining

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November 2016 Exclusive Rewards

If you have never taken advantage of the free essential oils you are able to get this is the month to start! I am beyond ecstatic with what Young Living is offering in the month of November! Not only with their exclusive rewards but also with the free oils you get for purchasing a premium… Continue reading November 2016 Exclusive Rewards

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Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil

We have made it to Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil. I was not all to fond of Frankincense when I first started using it but that was because I had no idea what to use it for! Since that time it has; as with so many others, become one of my favorites! Young Living has… Continue reading Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil

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Young Living PSK Cost Per Drop

I like to know exactly what things cost. For some things it really does help to break down the costs so it doesn't seem like I am spending as much on an item! I know when I was first looking at becoming a wholesale member with Young Living I was overwhelmed by the costs of… Continue reading Young Living PSK Cost Per Drop

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Young Living Premium Starter Kit

So tonight I am doing an education and make-n-take party for a friend about Young Living Essential Oils. I do not typically do parties but I am truly excited about this! One of the things we are going to talk about tonight is the Young Living Premium Starter Kit! While you can pick whatever diffuser… Continue reading Young Living Premium Starter Kit

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Face Update 2

Here is the most recent update on the Orange Blossom face wash by Young Living! Last night I added in my old oil routine after cleaning it. Which is grapeseed oil mixed with a drop of YL Lavender EO, YL Frankincense EO, YL Melrose EO. We will see what that does for me added in… Continue reading Face Update 2

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55 Uses for PSK

This is a great sheet! I didn't make it and I am giving credit to "The Oil Posse". It was placed in a group I belong to and we were told we could add our information and use it. There is some thing I have not addressed that you will see on this sheet. Like… Continue reading 55 Uses for PSK

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Tough Love

This has been such a rough day with so much going on! I am focusing on God. 6 Don’t worry about anything. No matter what happens, tell God about everything. Ask and pray, and give thanks to him. 7 Then God’s peace will watch over your hearts and your minds. He will do this because you belong… Continue reading Tough Love

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Brain Support Roll-On

There are some of us out there who have issues with our brain not getting the support it needs. Not breathing properly causes yawns, tiredness, foggy brain, lack of memory, being able to act accordingly and many other issues. Not eating properly and getting the proper vitamins and minerals from food also can cause the… Continue reading Brain Support Roll-On

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Relief Bomb & Extra Relief Bomb

Life can throw you curve balls and those can lead to bodily discomforts. I don't know anyone who enjoys an ache here or there. I don't know anyone who sits back and is thankful for discomfort in the knees, back or shoulders; although we are supposed to give thank for everything. I like the alternative… Continue reading Relief Bomb & Extra Relief Bomb