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Supplement vs. Nutrition Labels

Have you ever really thought about what the difference is between a supplement and nutrition label? I never did until recently.  I did a lot of reading at the FDA website and online in general. The FDA has a lot of words and codes and graphics and examples. However some of it was a bit… Continue reading Supplement vs. Nutrition Labels

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Baby Steps

Have you wondered where to start on your journey of change? It can be so overwhelming. Really you need to decide what you want to do first. Are you getting rid of toxic things in the home, that you use, that your family uses? Are you going to change how much water you drink? What… Continue reading Baby Steps

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Vitality Essential Oils

Young Living has release a new set of essential oils (we talked about them a little bit with the 55 Uses for the PSK)! It is their dietary essential oils and they are wonderful! These are the perfect oils to allow you to be able to add flavor to your food with the herbs, some… Continue reading Vitality Essential Oils

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Digestive Support

We all need our pipes to work correctly. If they don't we are unable to absorb the nutrition from our food! One of the things you can use to help support your digestive system is using Young Living DiGize Essential Oil and Peppermint. When I first opened a bottle of DiGize I was very overwhelmed… Continue reading Digestive Support

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Brain Support Roll-On

There are some of us out there who have issues with our brain not getting the support it needs. Not breathing properly causes yawns, tiredness, foggy brain, lack of memory, being able to act accordingly and many other issues. Not eating properly and getting the proper vitamins and minerals from food also can cause the… Continue reading Brain Support Roll-On

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January 2016 Giveaway

Let us spOIL your family by running a giveaway! We will be spOILing your family one drop at a time with a 5ml Lemon essential oil! Be sure to come back and register daily! Click --> January Giveaway It hasn't been a bad winter here in Michigan. As a matter of fact until this past… Continue reading January 2016 Giveaway

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Merry Christmas 2015

So hard to believe that it is already December 25, 2015! This year has had ups and downs but we have made it to Christmas. Today was a day filled with laughter and love and joy and family. I wish I would have take. A lot of photos of all that went on but really… Continue reading Merry Christmas 2015

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Lost Cedarwood: Found

Just before we were leaving for Florida this summer we had a campout in the living room. Put the Cedarwood on the children to help relax them.  And then in the morning it was gone. It wasn't on the table were we put it after using it. We could not find it. We tore the… Continue reading Lost Cedarwood: Found

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Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies can be a lot of fun. It can also be a bit stressful with children who want to help with every step, but how else do they learn how to cook?! Tonight was Christmas Cookie night at Grandmas with all of the grandkids. I do not know about your family and what you… Continue reading Christmas Cookies

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Happy Thanksgiving Day

I pray you are all blessed today. I pray you are all able to be with family and friends. I pray that your day be stress free. I pray that you laugh, love and enjoy all the things big and small today. I pray that you are able to give thanks even if you are… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving Day