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Disney Coin Collection

All coins are created equal. I have seen a lot of posts that show saving, "Dimes for Disney". Here in this household we don't discriminate against pennies, nickels and quarters! All of the coins we collect are good enough to save for our Disney 2017 Vacation! These are not finished containers but the kiddos were… Continue reading Disney Coin Collection

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Happy Memorial Day

I hope you took some time this weekend and enjoyed the freedoms we have! We had a great weekend. We had a fabulous amount of family time. We got outside and exercised.  We sniffed out herbs for our garden. We went to church. We walked the beach. We spent time with parents.  Praying your weekend… Continue reading Happy Memorial Day

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Have Some Fun!

Life can be totally stressful and sometimes you just need to have fun!  A few days ago a friend helped me figure out Snapchat. We have been having a great time since then. Tonight though has been seriously funny. It has been a couple days of stress and dead ends. So tonight we have been… Continue reading Have Some Fun!