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Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil

We have made it to Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil. I was not all to fond of Frankincense when I first started using it but that was because I had no idea what to use it for! Since that time it has; as with so many others, become one of my favorites! Young Living has… Continue reading Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil

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Knowledge is Power

A while ago I was talking about how important it is to be knowledgable about how the "Schools" of aromatherapy work. Basically if you want to know what I was speaking about just go here. The basics here is not talking about actual aromatherapy schools that you would take courses at to become a certified… Continue reading Knowledge is Power

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YLEO 101 Class

Hosting a class on Facebook so you can learn the basics about Young Living Essential Oils! Can not wait to hear from you! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click –> March 2016 Giveaway -------------------------------------------------------------------------- spOILing your family one drop at a time! If you are ready to join the YLEO spOILed Family? CLICK HERE Would you like to talk… Continue reading YLEO 101 Class

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We Are Real and We Have Struggles

When we started this page we weren't thinking it was going to be all about oils all the time. We had planned on it being about our family and sticking the oils in to help educate others. And as we looked back, most of the posts are about just oils. But we just love to… Continue reading We Are Real and We Have Struggles

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Body Feedback Testing

While this video isn't with Jack or myself it is a very good video to watch! This is a professional who used to use DoTerra. This gentleman agreed to the body feedback testing using his DoTerra essential oils vs. Young Living essential oils! Listen to him as he goes and reacts to the two different… Continue reading Body Feedback Testing