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Update Ricker Family

This is the latest update from the Ricker Family gofundme account: Spinal Tap results are back and his oncologist said that the results confirm that this is DIPG. Brison has had a severe headache since Tuesday night and has been laying down since because it makes it worse to sit up. Please say extra prayers… Continue reading Update Ricker Family


Power of Prayer – Ricker Family Update

Kim put this as her status today: Attention all prayer warriors, friends and family, it is a Big Week for the Ricker Family! Tomorrow morning Brison will have another MRI. Please stand in belief with us for a miracle and pray with expectancy that he is healed completely and his tumor is gone! Preston started… Continue reading Power of Prayer – Ricker Family Update

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Ricker Family Update

Here is part of the latest update about the Ricker boys, Brison and Preston.  Brison Update: He continues to be on the antineoplastons treatment from Dr. Burzynski and get Avasin infusion every other week at the children's hospital here. He has not yet started back up on the oral gene targeting medications but now that… Continue reading Ricker Family Update