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Young Living Premium Starter Kit

So tonight I am doing an education and make-n-take party for a friend about Young Living Essential Oils. I do not typically do parties but I am truly excited about this! One of the things we are going to talk about tonight is the Young Living Premium Starter Kit! While you can pick whatever diffuser… Continue reading Young Living Premium Starter Kit

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55 Uses for PSK

This is a great sheet! I didn't make it and I am giving credit to "The Oil Posse". It was placed in a group I belong to and we were told we could add our information and use it. There is some thing I have not addressed that you will see on this sheet. Like… Continue reading 55 Uses for PSK

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Digestive Support

We all need our pipes to work correctly. If they don't we are unable to absorb the nutrition from our food! One of the things you can use to help support your digestive system is using Young Living DiGize Essential Oil and Peppermint. When I first opened a bottle of DiGize I was very overwhelmed… Continue reading Digestive Support

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 Pretty much been up since 2:15 AM after falling asleep at 1:35 AM.   Diffusing DiGize and Ginger and Peppermint and Thieves on the feet.   Been a very long day that didn't go how I had planned. But still thanking God for His plan and for Young Living.  Still praying tomorrow is a bit… Continue reading Diffusing 

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Happy Thanksgiving Day

I pray you are all blessed today. I pray you are all able to be with family and friends. I pray that your day be stress free. I pray that you laugh, love and enjoy all the things big and small today. I pray that you are able to give thanks even if you are… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving Day