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Spring Time Essential Oil Recipes

It has been a while since I have posted any essential oils recipes. These can either be made to be put into your diffuser or you can increase by doubling or tripling (depends on bottle size) to make into roller bottles.  This is a favorite one of mine. I love lime in just about anything!… Continue reading Spring Time Essential Oil Recipes

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Young Living Cedarwood Essential Oil

What do you know about Young Living Cedarwood Essential Oil? For us it was one of the first essential oils we had in the house after our Premium Wholesale Kit. We use it for focus. We use it for relaxing the brain at night for sleep. Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) has a warm, woodsy aroma that… Continue reading Young Living Cedarwood Essential Oil

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Young Living Premium Starter Kit

So tonight I am doing an education and make-n-take party for a friend about Young Living Essential Oils. I do not typically do parties but I am truly excited about this! One of the things we are going to talk about tonight is the Young Living Premium Starter Kit! While you can pick whatever diffuser… Continue reading Young Living Premium Starter Kit

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Camping Staples 

While most people thing of things like: Camper/Tent Marshmallow, Chocolate, Graham Crackers Bikes Bug Spray Roaster sticks These are my camping staples: Must haves for our family: Mom Juice Plus+ Diffuser Young Living Oils We are going to be gone for ten days. While we will do our best to post some updates we do… Continue reading Camping Staples 

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Not In The Mood?

There are times when you just don't feel in the mood. You can try to get there. We all have days where we would love to say, "I have a headache honey" but are we supposed to do that? I guess at times it is okay but really we are not supposed to deprive ourselves… Continue reading Not In The Mood?

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55 Uses for PSK

This is a great sheet! I didn't make it and I am giving credit to "The Oil Posse". It was placed in a group I belong to and we were told we could add our information and use it. There is some thing I have not addressed that you will see on this sheet. Like… Continue reading 55 Uses for PSK

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Winter, Winter, Winter

I will be the first to admit this has been a pretty amazing winter. Yes we have snow but compared to the last couple of years, we have had very little snow. I can look out the slider and see our rock wall still. Even with all the snow we have had, it warms up… Continue reading Winter, Winter, Winter

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While I have a lot that I would like to accomplish; there are minutes, hours, days, oh heck, weeks I don't have the motivation to get any of it done! Very excited to say I have gotten the Young Living Motivation Essential Oil in my current months essential rewards (exclusive rewards). I am very excited… Continue reading Motivation

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I Love Wednesdays

Wednesdays are one of my favorite days of the week. I love getting together with my Wednesday Morning Women's Bible Study. Today though is going to be a very rough Wednesday. Jack David was up 90% of the last night. He doesn't do well with season  changes. His nose gets pressure and drips like a… Continue reading I Love Wednesdays

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Purification to the Rescue

The next 10 days are going to be long for this family. We have had a flood in the basement and the dumpster arrived at the house yesterday. Ninety percent of the basement items are destroyed and now growing mold on them. We got the biggest dumpster we could get and looking at the basement… Continue reading Purification to the Rescue