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Supplement vs. Nutrition Labels

Have you ever really thought about what the difference is between a supplement and nutrition label? I never did until recently.  I did a lot of reading at the FDA website and online in general. The FDA has a lot of words and codes and graphics and examples. However some of it was a bit… Continue reading Supplement vs. Nutrition Labels

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What Is Your Passion?

I was in a group on Facebook yesterday for mom's that had someone ask a question, "What at home companies have mom's who have had success? I'm looking for something I can succeed at." Ladies in the group were quick to put their companies down and my response was something completely different. Not really sure where… Continue reading What Is Your Passion?

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Bubbling Over With Excitement

Today has been a very wonderful day! We got the November Giveaway Winners Young Living Essential Oils mailed out today! We got the December Young Living Essential Oils ordered today! Have you ever been able to give things away to people? We do not care if it is someone who is already a Young Living… Continue reading Bubbling Over With Excitement