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Health Is So Important

I can't explain to anyone how important your health is. People look at me and see a perfectly healthy mom/wife/daughter/friend/family member. Yet when I look at me I see what I feel like inside of me.  Things have been so much better! I haven't been sick ALL winter long. I have been sick but it… Continue reading Health Is So Important

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Autoimmune Issues and Germs

Common colds, allergies, flu like symptoms can take me out for months at a time. Or I guess I should say they used to take me out for months at a time. I am currently on day 5(ish) of this cold. I am not over it but I am doing so much better than I… Continue reading Autoimmune Issues and Germs

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Autoimmune Disorder and Still Smiling

If you live with any kind of autoimmune disorder you know the pain that comes with weather changes, rain, cold and sometimes just bad days. Well the past few days it has been drizzling off and on, then getting really warm and then back to the drizzle. Then it turned into rain and not just… Continue reading Autoimmune Disorder and Still Smiling

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Skin Warmer

Yesterday was a snow day here in our school district. It was cold, snowing, windy, icy and a welcomed day off. We have a hill in our backyard and the kids love to use it to sled. When we first moved in there were pine trees lining the property and sledding wasn't an option. So… Continue reading Skin Warmer

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Snow Day

The kids had a snow day today. Lots of outside time! I'll update tomorrow with our favorite skin warmer after being in the cold! Hope you had a fantastic day as well! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let us spOIL your family by running a giveaway! We will be spOILing your family one drop at a time with a… Continue reading Snow Day

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Colder Weather is Upon Us

We are coming up to the colder weather season. It doesn't matter if you are in a state that has snow or a state that doesn't. When the weather change happens, the body can struggle to keep healthy! With this amazing company, Young Living sometimes products can go out of stock (demand, plant quality, time… Continue reading Colder Weather is Upon Us

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Purification Bath

We are heading into the cool and cold weather. There are many things that can dry your skin out in all weather; like water evaporation, but cold weather can make it happen faster! If you are not sure what can cause dry skin here are some tips to help you: Water and hydration are really… Continue reading Purification Bath