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Just Give Us Four Months!

In February Jack lost hours at work because of the surgeries I had to have. Two of them were planned surgeries but the one in the middle was not planned and resulted in a lot of extra time being taken off. Here is the best thing of all, the income we got from this company… Continue reading Just Give Us Four Months!

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Children’s Health Study

We started just over a year ago on our capsules and chews. One of the main things I wanted to do was to help my children. They were very much like their dad. While we attempted to eat healthy, if given a choice (or with daddy) they would pick pizza rolls, pizza, mac n cheese,… Continue reading Children’s Health Study

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Today is Cyber Monday and even though it is later in the day we are going to do another deal for those who want to start on the TRIO! You must purchase it directly from us or from our site! Have you been waiting for the perfect time to start using the 30 fruits and… Continue reading CYBER MONDAY

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Happy Anniversary!

That is right. As of this week my family has been on Juice Plus for eight months! We have been making healthier choices for eight months (for the most part). We received our last shipment to make it a full year. What you are looking at is our four month supply of Juice Plus (minus… Continue reading Happy Anniversary!

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No Sugar Bugs

So my Bella has bad teeth. She was born with reflux and her teeth developed brown spots and soft spots. Our amazing Dentist has been monitoring them since she was around 3. We have had to fill a couple of brown/soft spots because they broke through the surface. Last October I took the three youngest… Continue reading No Sugar Bugs

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Work From Anywhere = A Bike!

So here is a bonus for me for the work I have been doing from home and anywhere and everywhere! Not only have we been sharing our health, mind and spiritual journey, we have been working with customers and other reps to get their health journey going! So now we are adding that we have… Continue reading Work From Anywhere = A Bike!

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Lisa’s Story

Let me tell you all about Lisa. She is an amazing lady I have had the pleasure of getting to know thanks to our woman's Bible study! She found us one day when it was a bad day for her. I would have said a long time ago, she found us on accident but the… Continue reading Lisa’s Story

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Happy Helper

Ever since we got Mindee Lou (August 2014) she has been in love with fresh fruits and veggies. No matter where she is, when you pull out a carrot, apple, cantaloup, watermelon, beans (and the list keeps on going);she is now right there with you. She sits next to you and looks at you with… Continue reading Happy Helper

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April 2016 Giveaway

We are here to spOIL your family again! Let us help awaken your senses this spring with some Young Living Lemongrass Essential Oil! Between April 14th-27th be sure to come back daily to register for free to win! CLICK HERE --> APRIL GIVEAWAY -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would you like to talk to Jack or Amy ? CLICK… Continue reading April 2016 Giveaway

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Rough Weekend

We had a very rough weekend and all of a sudden I realized something on Sunday afternoon. From Friday to Saturday I had about 3 hours of sleep. Saturday was a very long and rough day because of an accident that took place. Spent a long time looking for a missing dog and the rest… Continue reading Rough Weekend