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Change Your Mindset and Change Your Life!

So many people talk about things they want to change or how they plan on changing but then fall short. The solution is a mind change because nothing changes until you have a real inside change and that begins in the mind. I know you have been here. You look in the mirror and are… Continue reading Change Your Mindset and Change Your Life!

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Positive Thinking In Life

Some days you just need to focus on the positive. You need to remind yourself where you started, where you are and that you are closer to your finish line than when you started! I would often try to change how I looked. It was always a failure. I had many excuses and reasons why… Continue reading Positive Thinking In Life

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Children’s Health Study

We started just over a year ago on our capsules and chews. One of the main things I wanted to do was to help my children. They were very much like their dad. While we attempted to eat healthy, if given a choice (or with daddy) they would pick pizza rolls, pizza, mac n cheese,… Continue reading Children’s Health Study

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Baby Steps

Have you wondered where to start on your journey of change? It can be so overwhelming. Really you need to decide what you want to do first. Are you getting rid of toxic things in the home, that you use, that your family uses? Are you going to change how much water you drink? What… Continue reading Baby Steps