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It Is Not My Plan But His

My day did not go the way I planned.  I find myself reminding myself that it is ultimately His plan and not mine. He can and does use everything for His purpose. It is His plan and not mine. My day consisted of a lot of unplanned things. Some good, some not so good and… Continue reading It Is Not My Plan But His

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Nutrition Is So Important And We Don’t Get What We Need

I have really been thinking about how far I have come in the last year. In March of 2016 I was ready to break. I was miserable, in pain all of the time, and I was not a happy person. When you live with chronic pain, autoimmune issues, mental health issues and attempting to keep… Continue reading Nutrition Is So Important And We Don’t Get What We Need

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Bad Days Video Update

So the last few days have been rough. I post a lot of positive things because it helps me change where my mindset used to be. Lately I have been forgetting why I started all this good stuff. I haven't completely forgotten it but things have been going pretty good compared to March 2016 and… Continue reading Bad Days Video Update

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Motivation Monday

I'm tuckered out tonight. Mowed our lawn for the first time today. It should have been done the last few weeks. The typical 70 minute job took just over 3 hours. Then headed over to my moms to help work in her yard. When you need to use your parents house for a graduation party,… Continue reading Motivation Monday

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Happy One Year Anniversary

We made our choice over a year ago to add the daily fruit, veggies and berries. Today however marks the year mark of when we actually started to take it. One year ago we woke up, took the capsules and chews for the first time and haven't looked back. This daily activity has changed our… Continue reading Happy One Year Anniversary

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April the Giraffe (Dos)

There are zero words to express what this giraffe has done to my life since the 24th. My life hasn't stopped, it has learned how to work and revolve around being attached to a wall or outlet of some kind to keep my phone working. I even sleep with her on my nightstand. I don't… Continue reading April the Giraffe (Dos)

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Fixing A Shattered Life

Today was an overwhelming day. I had an appointment with my psychiatrist this morning. My typical appointment is meetings, giving an (overly) brief update from the last time we meet. New prescriptions being sent to the pharmacy. A hug goodbye. A see you in a few months. Setting up my next appointment and going upon… Continue reading Fixing A Shattered Life

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April The Giraffe

So almost a week ago I saw all the hype about April the giraffe who was in labor and about to give birth. I thought people were nuts for sitting there watching this. Then on Friday the 24th of February I opened it up to see this mama while I was sitting at lunch with… Continue reading April The Giraffe