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Next Step Taken

Really I am so excited for our family! We have added the next step to getting healthy to our list. Today we have added Juice Plus+ to our lives! We are taking place in an ongoing Children's Health Study! I am so excited to see what the fruits and veggies will do for our family!… Continue reading Next Step Taken

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Brain Support Roll-On

There are some of us out there who have issues with our brain not getting the support it needs. Not breathing properly causes yawns, tiredness, foggy brain, lack of memory, being able to act accordingly and many other issues. Not eating properly and getting the proper vitamins and minerals from food also can cause the… Continue reading Brain Support Roll-On

Education, Essential Oils, Giveaway, Recipe, Young Living Essential Oils

Puzzled about DIY Blends?

There are so many options and things people put online about DIY essential oil things. There are lip balms, body scrubs, lotions, facial wash and the list goes on and on. You can pull up Pinterest and find 1000's of recipes! It can be a bit overwhelming when you just want something that works. So… Continue reading Puzzled about DIY Blends?

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Young Living Has Children’s Essential Oils

So many people ask if essential oils are safe for children! We tend to answer the same way as we do for adults! If you are using unadulterated products that are of therapeutic quality you are using oils that are safe for you. One of the great things about Young Living is that they have… Continue reading Young Living Has Children’s Essential Oils