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I Do Care

Lately I have been finding more and more blogs and with those blogs come people. I may not always comment. Sometimes I just have no clue what to say and so I pray. I add you to my prayer list. I continue to read and update my list. I have made some of my best… Continue reading I Do Care

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I Have An Addiction

I will admit it: I have an addiction. I have a huge addiction to Young Living Essential Oils! Really when it comes down to all of the addictions I could have in this day and age; this one I am completely okay with! Lately I have been doing a lot more talking about Young Living… Continue reading I Have An Addiction

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Need This Reminder

Things have been so rough this season. I know we all have seasons that are rough but man has this one been bad. We have four children. We had four children at home. We now have three children at home. We have mental health issues and we have addiction issues with one of our children.… Continue reading Need This Reminder