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Don’t Move

No matter how you choose to look and view the above verse, you need to know: If you trust, believe, listen, follow, stand strong, and do His will - you will be blessed in ways you can't see. I needed this reminder. It's easy to get tired when life is crazy all around you. Each… Continue reading Don’t Move

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Isn't always easy. Life has gotten to be more enjoyable being able to work when we want and do what we want has been a blessing. Adulting though comes with challenges. Today adulting was full of them. So I turn to Him...  

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Not In The Mood?

There are times when you just don't feel in the mood. You can try to get there. We all have days where we would love to say, "I have a headache honey" but are we supposed to do that? I guess at times it is okay but really we are not supposed to deprive ourselves… Continue reading Not In The Mood?

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Need This Reminder

Things have been so rough this season. I know we all have seasons that are rough but man has this one been bad. We have four children. We had four children at home. We now have three children at home. We have mental health issues and we have addiction issues with one of our children.… Continue reading Need This Reminder