Fruits, Veggies, Berries and Omegas! Filling The Gap In Your Health.

In March 2016 I️ had come to my breaking point. I️ had tried everything under the sun and I️ decided it was time to try my last ditch effort to change my life.

I️ had been diagnosed with 27 autoimmune issues a year prior. I️ was consistently in pain. I️ had a swollen, red, pustule face caused by rosacea. I️ was always sick. I️ couldn’t take a lot of medications due to allergies. I️ had interstitial cystitis. I️ had an annual colonoscopy because each one led to an increased number in precancerous polyps (22 polyps removed in February 2016). I had IBS which was later decided to be IBD. I️ was not the wife, mom or friend I️ should have been able to be.

Our family started eating the capsules and chewables that are full of fruits, veggies and berries! The longer we are on them the more amazing changes we are seeing. No more allergy meds. My IC is almost gone. I️ am down to very few gastro flare ups. I️ just had my annual colonoscopy and I️ am down to one in 5 years because they only removed 1 precancerous polyp! My rosacea only flares up and my face gets red when I️ exercise or overly stressed.

I was feeding my body the nutrition it had been lacking. Because I was eating plant powder daily my body was building up its immune system and was changing.

Eating whole food nutrition daily has been life changing. I️ have gotten my life back! So has my children and my husband.

Want to learn more about what these capsules and chewables can offer you? Head on over and check out this quick video!

Wanting to start eating your whole food nutrition daily like we do?

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