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You Have To Be Resilient To Make It Through Life

The problem is so many people think and feel they should not have any difficulty going through life. The solution is we have to be willing to learn to be resilient because difficulty does exist. Life is hard and I have been through my fair share of difficulties. Unless you are in my inner circle… Continue reading You Have To Be Resilient To Make It Through Life

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The Purpose Of Proverbs

I started using the NLT version a lot more when I am using the YouVersion app. Today in my 90 days of reading through the Bible I got to Proverbs and this just hit me. The Purpose of Proverbs! It is beautiful… "Their purpose is to teach people wisdom and discipline, to help them understand… Continue reading The Purpose Of Proverbs

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Change Your Mindset and Change Your Life!

So many people talk about things they want to change or how they plan on changing but then fall short. The solution is a mind change because nothing changes until you have a real inside change and that begins in the mind. I know you have been here. You look in the mirror and are… Continue reading Change Your Mindset and Change Your Life!

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Transparency in 2019

Transparency is not easy to do, especially when it comes to healthy and weight. Who wants to put it out there for the world to see how much you weight, put photos up and invite them into what you hope to do and the struggles to accomplish them.  I say the struggles because it has… Continue reading Transparency in 2019

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Radical Faith

Have you ever noticed that when you are in tune with God, He shows you things you never would have thought about on your own? I am noticing it more and more as time goes on. As I have been praying about what I need to be doing in life, to bring glory to God,… Continue reading Radical Faith

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I Have Been Quiet

I am around. I am thinking. I am cleaning. I am making it through the first week of school. When the summer comes, I have a schedule and we did really good about sticking to it. I did indulge in the kiddos more than I had planned to (that sounds bad) but it was perfect.… Continue reading I Have Been Quiet

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When You Realize How Blessed You Are

There isn't much I don't appreciate these days. So many of my friends; whom I consider family, have cancer, health issues, financial issues, relationship issues, and other things that can be overwhelming. Each person feels things differently and so there is no way to compare each persons pain but there are so many who are… Continue reading When You Realize How Blessed You Are

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America’s Got Talent & The Voice

There is talent all over the world. I have never been a huge fan of shows like American Idol and some of the other shows like that. However there are two shows I have come to love: America's Got Talent and The Voice. We gave up cable a while ago. Financially it just made sense.… Continue reading America’s Got Talent & The Voice

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Trusting Your Path

Trusting the path you are on is not always easy. Today I have done a lot of thinking and praying and being frustrated and praying some more. I have talked about the Tower Garden a few times before. After many long talks, we finally decided to purchase one a couple weeks ago. So very excited… Continue reading Trusting Your Path