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When Fruits and Veggies Are Not What You Think

I rang across this article that talks about how different food is today than it was in the past.

To be honest, I already knew this and it was probably because I was really privileged and at a lot fresh foods from gardens growing up. But, the truth is there is way more to it than just that.

My grandparents and parents got twice as much nutrition from some fruits and veggies as my kids and I are getting these days. TWICE AS MUCH! That makes my heart hurt. Especially since I have been so sick and then learning that the best way to fight illness and disease is fruits and veggies.

I have not always made the healthiest choices and because of that neither have my children. But, about 4ish years ago I made some major life changes. I started to eat whole food nutrition daily. I started to cut back on processed foods and sugars. And, truth be told, I thought that I was probably doing enough because I was eating more fresh foods.

Turns out I wasn’t doing as much as I could or should. And that makes me sad. Still, with all that being said I am now currently doing all I can and more for my family, daily.

That was when, after 8 years of watching a friend eat their daily capsules and chews I started my family on them. It has been life-changing. When you are immune deficient, it is scary. When you are allergic or sensitive to a lot of foods and some of those are put into medications, it is scary. When doctors run out of options for you, it is scary.

I recall going into my general practitioner’s office and trying to hold back the tears. She has been doing everything she could to help me and that included sending me to specialists. I am forever grateful for everyone who has ever taken time to listen and treat me because I am a very unique case and I know this. But I sat in her office and when she walked through the door the flood gates pushed open and I could not prevent the tears from flowing.

Each specialist either wanted me to try another new pill, have testing done I had already had done, and/or see another specialist. I didn’t think I could handle much more.

It wasn’t that long after that moment when I did give up and went to eating what Dana was eating daily. We have had some amazing developments since that time. Healing has occurred in many areas for me and is still happening inside of me. My children don’t miss nearly as much school (which if I am being honest, Jack David HATES). We have been able to take vacations because of not missing school and me not being as sick.

It has been pretty amazing. So, if you are curious as to what we are eating daily, I will gladly share it with you! The link is below. I also am going to share the article that talks about broccoli and how it was twice as nutritious 50 years ago. Why? Because education is so important for those we are currently living and those who have yet to be born!

This is scary in our day and age, especially with the flu and coronavirus spreading like they are! Do you want to read the article or learn about how I am getting more fruits and veggies into my kiddos and myself? Click here

Do you want to read the article? Click here.

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