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You Have To Be Resilient To Make It Through Life

The problem is so many people think and feel they should not have any difficulty going through life. The solution is we have to be willing to learn to be resilient because difficulty does exist.

Life is hard and I have been through my fair share of difficulties. Unless you are in my inner circle or personally in my life you probably do not know most of what I have dealt with and how I have overcome it.

The key though is I am resilient. I am emotionally resilient. I am physically resilient. I am mentally resilient. I am resilient.

I am pretty sure I have been most of my life but I didn’t always acknowledge it. But, if I am not willing to acknowledge that I do get knocked out and that there is something inside me that helps me get back up, I am truly missing out on helping others!

What is the hardest thing you have gone through? A partner cheating? Sexual abuse from someone you knew? Rape from someone you knew or even someone you didn’t know? A divorce? Abuse in a marriage or relationship? Financial ruin? Self-abuse?

The list of things is endless, how you respond is not.

I am a hot air balloon. I can be high up in the sky and see God’s artwork, which I am a part of and I can be down deflated on the ground where no one can see me but those who are close. But no matter where I am, I have the potential to fly high and go far, I just have to light my resilient fire.

Have you had times where you have no idea how you are going to keep on going? Maybe you are on the ground now and need help getting your fire lite again. Ask to join my inner circle by clicking here!

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