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The Ebb and Flow of Marriage Sometimes Needs Some Guidance

All relationships have ebb and flow! I don’t think arming yourself with tools is a bad thing.

Currently Jack and I are doing this thing at church called, “Connect”. At first it was learning about your temperament. Which was really interesting. I had learned mine a LONG time ago. I had used it for a time to learn about myself but I stopped. I became the know it all teen who knew better than everyone else in the world. And yet, here I am 30+ years later using it again.

Now we are learning how to do intentional dialogue. Let me bare my soul here —> I suck at it! No joke. I realized something very interested and it came to me and I had never realized it before. We were doing our first of 2 practices (we were encouraged to do 2, 10 minute dialogues before this next Sunday because we are doing it in our small group). We were encouraged to pick something really light and easy just to practice. 

Jack picks something about his work. I did okay (I think) on the mirroring part. Then when we got to the other parts I lost it. I would dare say we were probably at 1:30 of our 10 minutes and the tears started to flow. Jack held his hand out and told me to take it. I put my hand in his and that is when it hit me, the thought I had never had before, when I do not understand how to do something from beginning to end and when I can’t do something perfect, I get frustrated and I cry. 

I had never realized that before. And boy am I good at it! I rock the crying when I have frustration. It was this eye opening moment and it all came from him talking about his work and me not understanding how to do this intentional dialogue! 

Anyway, I do believe having tools to help relationship are great. So I do love reading suggestions for how to make things work or better or even how to make it through the ebb and flow of daily life! I found this article and I really do like what they suggest. Maybe you will too. Here Are 11 Tips To Keep Your Marriage Fresh!

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