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Change Your Mindset and Change Your Life!

So many people talk about things they want to change or how they plan on changing but then fall short. The solution is a mind change because nothing changes until you have a real inside change and that begins in the mind.

I know you have been here. You look in the mirror and are truly dissatisfied with what you see. It doesn’t have to be something major, it can be as simple as your hairstyle. But it is the discontent that stricks a cord with me. When you are dissatisfied and have discontent, something much deeper is going on. There is a huge difference between, “I want a new hairstyle.” and, “I hate the way my hair looks.” And this can be applied to anything in your life!

I want a change and I hate the way this looks are two very different things!

Change is hard but it is worth it. Change takes work, daily work, but it is worth it. It is the small steps that take you the furthest. It is the hard steps, that make the biggest changes.

The mindset is huge. You see, for years I believed I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t skinny enough. I wasn’t healthy enough. I just wasn’t…..enough!The mindset is huge. You see, for years I believed I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t skinny enough. I wasn’t healthy enough. I just wasn’t…..enough!

I would try to exercise. I would lose weight and then gain it all back plus some. I would try programs that included pills and shakes and I would look amazing and then it would all change and I would go back to where I was, plus some.

My health was in jeopardy. I was getting sicker and sicker each and every year. I was put on more and more and more pills. My reactions and side effects of each were getting worse and worse.

When I looked in the mirror I could not stand what I saw. Any of me! My hair, my weight, my looks, my smile. The list goes on but you get it. Basically there was nothing about myself I could enjoy. And I kept on trying to change my outsides but never bothered to touch my insides. I didn’t understand the importance of changing my insides before ever attempting to fix anything else about me.

When my insides were broken, nothing else could ever be fixed because I was broken. I was damaged. Even when I was my ideal weight, my hair cut was complimented all the time, people would tell me I was glowing and I would go home and cringe. I still saw all my flaws and my mind saw each and every broken thing about me. That is, except the brokenness inside of me.

Now, I may not look healthy on the outside but I am 100% healthier than I have been since I was 8 years old. My mind wins battles daily. I am even making daily healthier choices that are helping my body.

I still take capsules and I still eat shakes but they are not full of chemicals and fake things I can’t even pronounce. They are full of whole food nutrition and I know it benefits my body. I am getting into working out every day, and for me that means yoga.

Changing your mind is a battle but victory changes the outcome of the war.

Nothing changes until you change your mind and your insides. Are you ready to make a change? I am getting ready to do a 5-day stress release challenge. Really easy, no purchase necessary, and it is completely beneficial for anyone. Would this be something you are interested in? I have been doing this for a while for myself and it is one of the ways I began to change my mindset!

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