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What Does Living Intentionally Healthy Mean?

One of our biggest problems is that we are afraid of the word healthy. The best solution is to define what healthy means to you!

Let me be perfectly clear, I do know how to live a healthy life. But it used to sound boring and bland (those darn teen years).

When I was little I loved fresh fruits and veggies. My grandparents lived on a farm and going into the garden was awesome! Then I turned into a teen and all my friends were eating junk so why can’t I enjoy junk as well? Let me tell you what happened very quickly. I was craving sugar. I wanted candy bars. I wanted pop. I wanted chips. I wanted junk. That is what my body wanted all the time. Not only is it what my body craved it changed how my body worked.

What Doors Are Waiting To Open For You?

Have you ever thought about what happens to the body when you make unhealthy choices? What happens when you eat mostly sugary foods (learn about that in my inner circle)? It can cause problems you never knew about, never thought about and didn’t realize was really going on causing health problems. How much sugar do you eat? What does it mean to be healthy for you? What doors would it open in your life?

When you sing and you sound like an angel but are always alone, no one hears you, and no one will ever be blessed. When you sing and sound like an angel and always sing in front of others you bless everyone. Are you singing alone or in front of others?

If you want to hear more about me and the little things I did ask to join my inner circle!

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