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Whole Body Transformation Starts Within

Do You Want To Be Happy?

Want a great life – deal with your past crap. Work through it, your fears, your limiting beliefs, your past and the triggers that cause your reactions. You have to clear out all your negative emotions and energies and people or you will never be free to be the self confident unique you that you’re meant to be. 


Learn it – your triggers, negative feelings and emotions, limiting beliefs that are holding you captive

Embrace it – work through it, disable the falsities by embracing truth, accept your part in the past, dig deep

Dance it Out – you made it through and you’re free, keep your new beliefs at the forefront for triggers so you can stomp it out and dance in your freedom for who you truly are and can be.

Amy L. Buitendyk

Happiness Circle

Have you ever heard about the happiness circle? Well, I thought I had but turns out I had not. Most of the time when I heard people talking about the circle, they were talking about the Wheel of Life.

Do you want to be happy? I highly suggest you take the time to watch these two videos. Then take the time to take the assessment to see where you are at with your rubber balls and your crystal balls!

Happiness Circle I
Happiness Circle II

Hurt-People Hurt People

Honestly, I truly believe that hurt-people hurt people, that all attack is a cry for love, and that MOST of the mess we see in the world is the direct resut of unresolved early childhood trauma. 

So, my focus is radical self-honesty, and radical self-healing/integration. And then/thus to be a radically contagious catalyst.  

~Dena Lynn

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