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Here In The United States (I can’t speak for other countries) We Are Plagued With Chronic Illness, Autoimmune Disorders and Cancer. But Why?

Autoimmune Disorders, Cancer, Chronic Disease

What Has Changed That They Are So Prevalent?

Who came up with the idea to genetically modify our foods? So plants growing on their own, at their own pace, with nutrients from nature are not good enough!

I understand we are not the country we used to be. We do not live in small towns surrounded by farmers who we can buy fresh fruits, veggies, meat and eggs from. We do not can or freeze our fresh foods to store up for the winter anymore. We don’t have amish neighbors for fresh honey and real maple syrup anymore. 

What we do have is convenience. We walk into a store and there is always fresh fruits and veggies. But at what cost? These foods are picked before the nutrients are there (foods get the most nutrients in the last 5 days of growth) because they have to be shipped hundreds of miles to get to the store! Some of these foods are even stored in warehouses for months to a year before they are put out for consumer sales (apples average 12 months). 

Now add that we are modifying our foods, processing food and make them convenient, quick and easy. We have lost the ability to wait and be patient, we want what we want and we want it right this second.

When will it all end? When we will say this stuff is killing us and we need it to stop! We have allowed the changes that are creating all these cancers, autoimmune disorders and chronic diseases to run rampant. 

Maybe as you read some of this it is resinating with you. Maybe you are thinking about some simple changes you can make but don’t even know where to start! If you click on the photo above you can learn more about what GMO is and learn how you can try and avoid it!

You see my newsletter come through but you might not really know me. Some of you came through my website and know I use and believe in essential oils. Some of you are customers of mine or team members so you know a little of my story. Here is a video that is less than 4 minutes that gives you a quick glance at what has gone on with me over the past 44 years!

Does our food system have a problem that needs to be fixed? Is this something we can fix by ourselves or is it something that the government needs to step in and help with?

Head on over to Spoon University to find out their take on what is going on!

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