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I Am Infuriated By What We Allow To Be Put In Foods and Products!

I find myself being so frustrated about a lot of things lately. When you are diagnosed with autoimmune issues, things change. You have an answer without any answers. 

If you take the time to do any research you find out how much the agencies that are there to protect consumers really do not. It makes me so gobsmacked, here in our free country, what we allow. What is put in our foods, our body products, even on our razors!

In other countries they tax unhealthy eating! Even their unhealthy items that they are taxed on have less sugar and junk in it. 

Why do we allow this stuff to go on? Why do we poison our bodies? Why do we allow these things to happen? How do we change them? 

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Can We Truly Change Our Lives By Changing What We Eat? 

Dr. Terry Wahls changed her life! She was diagnosed with MS and her health steadily went downhill. She was in a tilt-recline wheelchair for 4 years!

See how her research led to diet changes that took her from a wheelchair to walking in a years time! 

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